Abdullah Qutab

“I recently moved to Canada with my wife Madeeha Fayyaz, and we had been having some trouble in finding the perfect location that has a convenient market place and is also close to work. We had been jumping from website to website until we found Calgary homes. They were a huge help to us. We have finally found ourselves our paradise! The service has been excellent and also the staff is very active and nice.”

Kashif Haider

“I and my wife Ayesha were on the lookout for a reliable agent and agency since we not only wanted to sell our house, but also buy a new one to move to. I am glad we picked Calgary Homes for our service as these guys are amazing. I got a really good price for my house. And they found a good one in the same budget for me to shift to as well that was more accommodating for me and my 3 kids. Would definitely recommend them.”

Raheem Awan

“With my job demanding me to be constantly on the road, I needed a house where my wife and family could live at ease even when I am not here. We did that without any worries because we knew Calgary homes was there to support us. It didn’t even feel like we moved out thanks to them. There prices are really affordable and their services are pleasing. We recommend them big time!”

Nayyer Saghir

“I am a doctor with a busy schedule. My husband also has a lot up his sleeve being an engineer and hence that makes almost anything quite a task for us as we dont have much time to spare. Working with Calgary Homes to find our place was like a breeze as Mrs. Azeem was very cooperative and adjusted our appointments and visits very flexibly.”

Fahad Fayyaz

“Hello dear friends! My family and I recently moved to Canada from Doha, Qatar. And let me tell you an outsider couple who has never been out of Qatar……IT WAS NOT EASY! Finding a place was seeming to be a very hard job for us. Then one of my friend recommended me  Calgary homes so I thought I would give them a try. And thank goodness! We were able to find a place close to work and a school all because of them! I’m very grateful to them for their services!”