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Calgary Homes promising and providing residents of Calgary with quality living for years, winning trust and satisfaction along with life long relationships.

Mrs. Aneela Azeem

Founder CPSG

Canadian Pakistani Support Group AkA CPSG is a non profit group serving needy people in Calgary.

Managing Director Calgary Homes Inc.

Calgary Homes has been serving residents of Calgary in finding them their dream homes for years now. Our success lies in the comfort of our customers.

The Best Property to Buy in Calgary

We understand the needs and requirements and needs of our fellow Canadians from Calgary and help you grab the property tailor made to your needs with the best deals. Contact us with your idea of an ideal house to live in and leave the rest to us. We ensure that we put the same love and precision in finding you a home as would you, or more.

What Makes CalgaryHomes People's First Choice?

Some amazing features of CalgaryHomes and the Amazing Service they provide.

Customer Centric

We at Calgary homes always want what is best for our customers. It is our mission to find our customers the best of deals. We do hope that you enjoy your experience in dealing with us.


As it is said at Calgary homes, “The customer always comes first”. Our helplines are open 24/7 to deal with your queries to your satisfaction, so that you can find a home that is suited to your lifestyle.

Location Specialist

A vast variety of properties come under Calgary homes, so we can find our customers the properties that are best suited to their lifestyle. We at Calgary homes hope that you chose us for any of your future queries.

Real Estate Professionals Inc. offers an elevated level of service and professionalism to home buyers, sellers and investors throughout Greater Calgary. In the years since its inception, the company has continually met its lofty goals, pushed for constant improvement and set the standard for real estate excellence. Most importantly, people responded.